The correct preparation of soil prior to planting is critical to the success of your garden. At Heritage Gardens, we are happy to provide the advice and knowledge on how to achieve this. We carry a variety of different soils to suit all needs. From garden soil to top up existing garden beds, to potting mix and specialty soils such as Orchid Potting Mix, Camellia & Azalea Mix, Native Mix, Seed Raising, Cactus & Succulent Mix to name a few. We also offer products for organic gardeners.

We free Soil Testing in store so we can assess your specific needs.

We offer a variety of mulch options; from decorative mulch through to our preferred options such as sugar cane mulch, tree tree mulch & lucerne.

All of our bagged goods are clean and suitable for transport in your car. Our friendly team are happy to help with carrying and loading into your vehicles.

We also carry a selection of what we believe are the best products on the market to provide the nutrients your garden needs. From complete fertilisers to manures and organic composts.

Our website carries a limited selection of the full range available in store. Please feel free to visit or contact us if you are looking for something not listed on our site.