Petite Skin Co. Nourishing Detangler

Hair can benefit from daily care as much as skin and getting your child to enjoy haircare can sometimes be difficult.

Our products remove the pain from hair brushing, resulting in happier kids and shinier, healthier hair.

The brand new Nourishing Detangler contains a unique blend of plant based, hair nurturing ingredients for super smooth and shiny hair.  It also leaves your hair smelling incredible!

Ditch the water spray and harsh hair sprays and use a few spritzes each day to tame fly-aways and smooth your hairstyle.  We also love our Nourishing Detangler on wet hair after washing for easier brushing and as a leave in conditioning treatment between washes.

The ingredients in our detangler have an accumulative effect on the hair, so the more you use it, the more condition the hair builds for less split ends and stronger healthier hair.

250ml Spray

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