As we are drawing towards the end of February, it is time to start planning for Autumn in the garden.

General maintenance in the garden is essential. Check for any plants that may require trimming, pruning (especially perennials that may have finished their Summer flowering) & monitor for pests & diseases which have been prevalent over the warmer months. Regular maintenance can make garden tasks less daunting rather than leaving it to turn into a ‘chore’. Being in the garden is proven to be so beneficial for both physical & mental wellbeing.

From the end of February moving into March, it is time to think about updating the veggie patch with new season vegetable seeds or seedlings. Summer veg such as beans, eggplants, corn, zuchinni & cucumbers are coming to an end. While they may still be cropping for months to come, the time for planting is now moving into ‘winter’ Vegetables. From late February, you can plant out brassicas (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) as well as peas, beans, spinach, and silverbeet as well as continuing leafy greens all season. Leeks & onions are always great ready for winter soups & casseroles.

Plant, plant, plant. Did you know that Autumn is the best time for planting general plants, shrubs & trees in the garden? It allows them time to settle into their new home without the intensity of the Summer elements, yet there is still warmth in the soil to allow the fine root systems to spread. They then have a rest throughout winter without worrying about the need for too much growth, and then they are in position and ready to maximise Spring growth & flowering.

Don’t forget your lawns. Autumn is a great time to apply fertiliser because it protects your lawn through the winter months. You should aim to fertilise twice a year (early Spring & Autumn) for the best results.

Planting bulbs is a great way to add a splash of colour to your garden. Autumn is the perfect time of year to plant them as they’ll have enough time to grow before they are ready to flower in spring. Bulbs are really easy to grow although make sure that you choose a spot with plenty of sunlight.

Feed your garden & pots, in particular citrus, roses (ready for their Autumn flushes) and general shrub lines. Applying liquid feed to flowering annuals & perennials can extend the flowering period.

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